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Hey, I know it’s been quiet here lately…

Just wanted to say I opened an additional blog at the below address:

Sorry – this is only for Hebrew readers… I’m going to collect funny sayings of Maya and Noa, so we can keep track of how their language has developed…

Have fun!

(and Marry Xmas for those who celebrate!)

You know, when you have kids, that’s when you really understand how fast time flies! It seems that not so long ago Noa and Maya were just newborns, and now, all of a sudden, tomorrow is their first day of kindergarten! No more staying at home. New routine! And a few free hours on Fridays for daddy and daddy!

Yes. I’m extremely excited. And worried. And scared. And proud. And hopeful. And so many other adjectives :) These two have become so big already! They know exactly what they want, and can express it easily, even though they still do not *really* talk.

On Friday we actually had an introductory session with all other kids and parents. One hour at the kindergarten to get to know the place. When we got in, Maya quite easily took off to play with toys and explore the new space. Noa on the other hand was a bit more reserved and took her time. At first she wanted to remain close to us and insisted one of us goes wherever she goes. But eventually she also found herself interested enough with what was going on that she just went alone.

It was interesting to see how they were not stuck together, and each of them explored on her own. They did interact as well – when Noa saw Maya at the table playing with the blue dough she joined. But most of the time they were in separate parts of the room. Except of course when they found out where the fruit are…

So tomorrow is a big day. I’ll try to get some sleep now, and hope to update soon with how it all goes!


Summer fun

So where were we? Here and there… And here are some updates of what’s been going on lately…

Age – already 1 year and 7 months! Time flies!

The girls are learning a lot. Every day they surprise us with new stuff they know. And they understand everything. It’s amazing! However they are still not talking (except for a few words here and there, but nothing too much).

They were both sick several times lately. It is strange how often they get sick considering the fact they are not yet in preschool… I don’t know what we’ll do when they go to preschool at the end of August!

They are both really funny about their names:

  • Maya is very consistent. For a while she decided her name is “Tamen”, and she insisted on it. I could ask her 100 times “Maya, what’s your name?” and she would always answer “Tamen”. Now she changed the version a bit and she either says “Tamai” or “Kamai”. Where does she get this from? I must say that sometimes she also calls herself Yama-Yama which is pretty close in a cute way ;)
  • Noa on the other hand invents a new name for herself every time, and very complex names. I can’t even remember how they sound, but it’s strange.

Lately we’ve started going to the beach, and it is really fun. Maya and Noa seem to like it a lot. And so do we. Here’s a picture to demonstrate how fun it is:


We also took Noa and Maya to the Gay Parade in Tel Aviv (June 8th 2012). It was really nice – music, happy people… But we didn’t stay too long. It was too difficult carrying them all the time. We should have brought the stroller! Well, next year… Here’s a cool pic of us:

And last thing… Here’s a clip I made for Ronen’s birthday about a month ago… Hope you like it… and have a great weekend!

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Just saying :)


The girls just love music… They literally start moving when they hear something they like as if they are dancing!

Here’s a short clip of Maya dancing to music from my iPhone… She’s so cute!

Purim 2012

Here’s just a pic of Noa & Maya in Purim costumes…

we started dressing them up about a month before so they get used to the idea, and eventually they really liked it. One time Maya didn’t want to take it off when it was time for bath…

So here’s Noa as Snow White and Maya as Lumpy:

Purim 2012

And here you have Maya with a monster head and Noa with a flower head :)
Purim 2012 / 2

And I’ll just leave you with this fun(ny) video…

We decided to celebrate on Friday (2 days before the actual birthday) so that the entire family is available to join the party.

Ronen and I took a day off on Wednesday to run some errands and buy all the presents.

Friday morning Ronen went to buy some bread and cheese for the guests, and I stayed at home with Maya and Noa. We had a little drama when Ronen called and said his mother is sick so we need to postpone the party, but soon enough it was back on (after the doctor told her it is not contagious).

So we had Ronen’s parents and my parents and grandmother (with her nurse), and his sisters and brother in law and my sister with her fiance and my brother with his girlfriend. When everyone was there we started with the presents: a cool tent, a great picture for the room, cute pajamas, comfortable kid’s sofa (Disney Princess), a table and chairs, smart trikes, strollers for dolls… At first they were a bit confused, but got used to the crowd, the clapping and the noise.

And then we ate :)

So here are a few photos… Thanks for all the wishes. It was a very fun and exciting first birthday…

mayasofaMaya on the sofa

noasofaNoa on the sofa

cakeNoa cakeMaya

Birthday Cakes

Happy Birthday Noa & Maya!

One year!

Noa and Maya are one year old today! I can’t believe it!

Exactly one year ago I was in a tuktuk when Ronen called me and said that Neeta had to go into an emergency c-section.
I remember I was nervous, scared. I realized that this is finally actually happening! We’re becoming fathers! (OMG!!!)

Shortly after, we reached Red Car nursery and found our precious darlings Noa and Maya in plastic trays on the table.

Well if you’re here then you probably read the rest so…

I just want to use this opportunity to say that in the past year our lives have turned upside down. We gave up a lot of things we used to do, and started being parents. But it’s worth it.

Noa and Maya, we love you so much and we are so happy you came into our lives. We cannot imagine our lives without you! Happy first birthday little wonders! First of many happy days!

* I’ll write another post about the celebration as my internet connection on the PC is not working well and writing this post on my iPhone is hell :)

One year ago…

One year ago (yesterday to be exact…) we landed in Mumbai, India and embarked on our amazing journey.

Three weeks later Noa and Maya joined us and we’ve been a family since then. We’ve had great times, and also less great times, and we keep on working to figure it all out…

So in less than 3 weeks we’ll be celebrating our first double birthday!!!

Just thought I’d mention this milestone…

In the meantime, happy Diwali (starts tomorrow)…

More on our big fat Greek vacation coming soon, and of course a birthday special (or something Ü)

The New Jews

Yesterday we converted Noa and Maya to Judaism.

The conversion is a reformist conversion, and will not be recognized by the orthodox chief rabbinate.

We’ve contacted Beit Daniel in Tel Aviv a little while ago in regards of the conversion and signed the girls for the process. At the beginning we were scheduled for October 26th, but when Ronen went there to apply all the papers Rabbi Galia (yes, they have women Rabbi unlike orthodox) made sure we’re accepted earlier so that it is not too cold to go to the sea.

Yesteday was the day. In the morning we had a meeting with Rabbi Mazor, where he (accompanied by Rabbi Galia and another Rabbi) asked us what being Jewish and leading a Jewish lifestyle meant for us. Within 10 minutes we were outside after being approved. We were told to come back at 4:10pm with the girls for the immersion.

We came back as were told, and went to Tel Baruch beach for the ceremony. We were instructed how we need to immerse the girls (they need to be completely under the water – head and all) three times, saying a blessing between each immersion.

We went into the water and did what was required. Maya was not too happy about it, but it seemed that Noa did not mind it too much… Keep in mind this is their first time at the beach :)

So, now we have a certificate that we need to take to court and get an order to make the ministry of the interior recognize… After this is done we will have 2 new Jews…

Here are some pics… Enjoy!

Noa05102011Noa in the water

IMG_7981Noa and daddy Ronen after

Maya05102011Maya observing the sea

Maya051011bMaya warm and cozy after

Partial family portrait
Right to left: My father – Moshe, Daddy Ronen, baby Noa, baby Maya,
my sister – Tal, my mom  – Eilat (behind), Ronen’s mom – Rachel, me

Shana Tova!

Maya and Noa would like to wish you all a happy new Hebrew year and Shana Tova!

Thanks to Or G for the video!

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