My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

In March 2008 we met Doron from the agency to hear about the surrogacy plans he offers. At the time he offered 3 options:

  1. West – using an American egg donor and an American surrogate.
  2. East – using an Indian egg donor and an Indian surrogate.
  3. East-West – using an American egg donor, creating embryos, and flying them to India to use an Indian surrogate.

The costs were pretty high and we wanted to find a cheaper way of doing this, so we suggested using Israeli donors, flying them to India where they will donate the eggs, and using an Indian surrogate.

I will not bore you with the several girls we screened, wanted to send to India, some had a change of heart at the last minute, some were not suitable, and some went and donated (it’s funny to call it “donation” considering the high cost they are charging… Not that I do not appreciate their efforts and sacrifice). The number of eggs harvested was very low and we were unsuccessful with the retrieval of the embryos. No pregnancy yet.

After several months we decided it’s time to go back to the East-West program. Maybe we’ll have better luck there. However, our chain of bad luck did not end there… Our first donation in the US was again unsuccessful since the donor forgot to take a shot and the clinic were unable to harvest the eggs. And so we kept on trying. The next cycle we got eggs and the clinic created embryos. They were flown to India and there they tried returning the embryos to a surrogate. Here also we experienced some disappointments.

In the beginning of September 2009 Doron called and said that he got the Beta test results (hCG) which indicated we are finally pregnant! We were soooooo happy. We told our families and were very excited. Unfortunately this did not last long… The next Beta test showed a drop in the Beta levels and that meant that the pregnancy was terminated. The disappointment was huge and very painful. I was on the verge of breaking and started being skeptic regarding Doron’s ability to make us parents.

But we had to collect the shattered pieces of ourselves and go on trying…


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