My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

So as I said, we kept on trying. After a while, Doron came with a new suggestion of using a South African egg donor instead of an American one. We’ve decided to give this a try. What I did not mention till now was the process of choosing a donor. Every time we had to pick a new donor we had to go through profiles consisting of pictures and a written profile containing the donor’s history, hobbies, health details etc. (about 10 pages). It was very hard deciding on a new donor each time.

Another change was the fact that Doron started working with a new clinic in India. The first clinic showed very poor success rates, and he hoped that the rates will be better now. And we were among the first couples to return embryos in the new clinic.

We were scheduled for March 18th 2010. Once again, the tension was high, and we waited for the results of the beta tests. When the results came positive, we decided we will not keep our hopes too high just yet. After all we’ve been in this stage once before and eventually it did not work. Now waiting becomes the most difficult thing in the world.  The fetal heartbeat check was scheduled for week 8. We were very stressed all week waiting to hear the results. I remember I was home when Doron called me. I picked up the phone and prepared myself for the worst. After a short small talk, he said that the test was performed. He said that they were able to detect the fetus’s heartbeat. And also his brother’s heartbeat. Of course at that time there was no way to know the sex of the fetuses… I was a bit in shock. It was so exciting! We did it. At that moment I did not really digest the fact that we’re talking about 2 babies! Twins! I was just overwhelmed that we got this far. Doron asked me how I felt about this, and I replied that I was very happy. And I was!

And in some way I think that this was the day my life changed…


Comments on: "Two hearts are beating together…" (1)

  1. I love you, and love you more for documenting our journey!
    Dont stop!!!

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