My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

The Pacifier

Yeah! We’re pregnant! …What now? We’re not ready for anything! But that was 6 months ago…

Now here we are today… still not ready!!

Well that’s not totally true. We started arranging the apartment a little bit – we cleared the nursery, we bought new shelves for the storage room, we started collecting stuff for the babies, and as I’m writing these words, our new and cool stroller (BumbleRide Indie Twin) is doing its way from NY to Tel Aviv!!

But there’s still so much we need to do! And in 2 week’s we’re taking off and leaving for India. We have to prepare everything by then.

So… Tomorrow we’re going to do some shopping for baby stuff. Bottles, pacifiers, towels, sheets etc. It’s exciting! but also a bit scary. What do I know what they would like? And how do I use these things?! Bottle sanitizer? Baby sense? Diapers?? Is there no course? can someone show me how to do all these things and more?

So yeah… I’m a bit nervous. Hysterical even… But how can I relax when there’s soooo much to do and so little time? I guess I’ll just have to learn as I go. Won’t I?


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  1. Wow!!! It’s really close now. Well done and best of luck. If you need to know anything, all you have to ask!

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