My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

Days 8-10

Oct. 31 – Nov. 2

We got ourselves some kind of routine by now. We’ve been here long enough to do that…

Every morning we get up, go to breakfast. Sometimes before breakfast we watch some TV since they show Friends in the morning. Sometimes Ronen goes to the gym before I wake up. For breakfast I have chocoflakes with milk, and then some bread with jam and some fresh pineapple. Every day I tell myself that tomorrow I’ll ask for a plain omelet, but eventually I never do.

Then we work. Later we usually go to the pool. At least I go every day. I love the pool. It calms me.

Then comes dinner, ping-pong, TV or a movie in our room. Or some nights we go out. take a motoriksha to Hiranandani and have a cold drink or donuts or a muffin and do some grocery shopping at Haiko.

Then we sleep.


Yesterday we talked to Alon (he’s working with Doron), and he wanted us to check if it is possible to find Similac in the pharmacies here (called “Medical stores”). Alon wants to know this so he can prepare the next parents as to what to expect here. We went to every pharmacy we found in Hiranandany, and only found one 400 gr. can of Similac (it was dusty and cost 750 rupees!). We’ll have to arrange for some more food from Israel…


In 2 days India will celebrate the Festival of Light aka Diwali. It is a 5 day holiday packed with drumming, celebration, and is considered one of the most important Hindu holidays. During the past few days we’ve heard the people practice their drums all day long, and a few minutes ago we just saw a rehearsal  of a fireworks show. It was nice :)

We’re going to play some ping-pong now! Have a good night!




Comments on: "Days 8-10" (6)

  1. If we only had cards :-( it would have been perfect….

  2. א. למה אתה לא כותב מי מנצח בפינג-פונג??
    ב. אם אתם צריכים סימילאק וכו’, אז אולי מישהו מאל-על יכול להביא.

    • א. מה זה יונצ’וק@הוטמייל.קום?
      ב. רונן מנצח בפינג-פונג. ברור – לא?
      ג. אולי באמת מישהו מאל על יוכל להביא… נראה איך מתארגנים על זה

  3. א. זה מייל שמיועד לשימוש בכל מיני בלוגים, רישומים אינטרנטיים וכאלה, כדי לא לזבל לי את המייל הפרטי.
    ב. מעולם לא חשבתי שליאור טוב בפינג-פונג, ולמרבה הפתעתי..
    ג. תגידו לי מה אתם צריכים וכמה..

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