My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

Days 11-13

Nov. 3-5

Another work week is over. This makes 2 work weeks we’ve spent in Mumbai.

Weather is getting a bit colder, and it has been raining every now and then in the past 2 days (especially when I want to go to the pool…). Last night we decided we’re not eating at the hotel restaurant and treating ourselves to some pizza in Hiranandani. We went out and noticed it was raining, the road is slippery and we really don’t trust those crazy motoriksha drivers. So we turned around, played a few rounds of ping-pong and went to eat at the hotel. Later we went to the bar at the neighbouring Ramada and had a KingFisher beer.

Doron and Alon called us last night and told us that today another couple is arriving to our hotel. Their surrogate went into early labor and their twins are 29 weeks old. He asked if we could help them get settled here and see that they are ok (after all we’re already locals here…). So they should arrive in about an hour or so. I’m all hope that the babies are alright and will be healthy and strong.


Next week another couple is coming, and Alon should also be arriving sometime soon. After realizing that there is no Similac anywhere in sight here, we asked Alon if he could bring us 2-3 cans of Similac from Israel, and being the nice guy he is he immediately agreed and said there’s no problem (after all – his adorable baby girls are already in Israel so he doesn’t need to carry too much…).


Today we went to Hiranandani and did some errands. We started at the Hospital store to see if they have Similac. They don’t. But they do have Pampers size 1 which no other store seems to have around here… (They also have bottles, pacifiers and almost anything you need for a new baby… Maybe other couples do not need to buy everything at home and carry it over here…).
Then we went to have the pizza we didn’t have last night at Papa John’s. It was good (we’ve had too much Indian food lately).
And then we went to DΔMart which is a discount supermarket with almost anything you need. Ronen found a yoga mat, I got a Masala Box, we got some snacks…

But the most important purchase we did today was definitely… PLAYING CARDS! :) The forecast for tonight – Shithead! :)


Seems like nobody in India knows anything about their Diwali… Some told us it is a 5 day holiday and it starts today. Another told us it started a few days ago! Another said it is only 2 days and starts today. So I don’t know who to believe… According to Wikipedia it is 5 days and starts today. That doesn’t explain all the drumming and fireworks in the last few days…


This morning I went to the pool and wanted to dive a little bit. I left my sunglasses by the side of the pool and had my fun (there’s usually no one else there so I wasn’t worried about the sunglasses). When I came back to pick them up, one of the arms fell off and the screw was missing. I went back to the room and tied it with a string I had but it was just hanging there. When we went to Hiranandani, we found an optic shop and we went in to fix the glasses. I must say it took the girl ages to fix this one screw. But… When she finished she gave me the sunglasses and smiled. We asked “How much is it” and she replied “One big smile”! Ü

Many shops decorate the floors with colorful powder in honor of Diwali… Here are some samples:





Comments on: "Days 11-13" (3)

  1. ענבל said:

    יפה לך לקחת זכויות יוצרים על הקישוטים של החג :))))
    ממוש, אתם חסרים. אני לא מאמינה שעברו שבועיים.
    יש עידכונים מהאם הפונדקאית? (קראו לה נישה או משהו כזה לא?)

    • זכויות היוצרים הן על התמונה, לא על הקישוטים :)

      קוראים לה ניטה. נישה זה חברת השמה :) עוד אין עדכונים. מרגישה טוב וסוחבת

  2. ענבל said:

    נישה זה גם שם הודי לנשים!!!
    ניטה העה הניק ניים שהמצאתי לנטע אלקלעי בתיכון.
    אבל יש מצב שכבר אמרתי לך את זה….

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