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Nice to meet you!


Please join me in welcoming our new baby girls Noa and Maya to the world :)

Beautiful babies Noa and Maya were born yesterday – Nov. 13th 2010 in a C Section at Redkar medical center in Mumbai, India.

Noa was born first, at 12:29 pm India time (8:59 IL time, 6:59 GMT) weight 2.580 kg

Maya was born at 12:30 pm India time, weight 2.140 kg

They are both charming and cute, and are at N.I.C.U at Hiranandani hospital. Tomorrow they will be released and we will move to the hostital for a few nights.

Here are some of their first pictures… :)

Day 1







Day 2






Comments on: "Nice to meet you!" (7)

  1. Love you for writing this blog and for much much more!

  2. מזל-טוב.
    נכין את הילדים לבייביסיטר.

  3. Guys! (and Girls) – Welcome.
    So excited to have you here – It is not gonna be the same anymore. From now on it is all about them. Forget the self.

  4. They are both so beautiful and peaceful!

    I can’t find the right words to describe how happy and proud I am of both of you. I am confident that both Maya & Noa gained a great pair of fathers, which will guide them lovingly and confidently.

    Huge hugs from Israel.


    • עודד, כל מילה בול פגיעה!!!!

      רונצ’ים, אני עדיין נרגשת :))))) מתה לראות אתכם כבר, אז תשמרו על עצמכם ועל שתי המלאכיות האלו

  5. Congratulations Ron. That is just wonderful news!!! I am so happy for your little family. Now let the fun times begin!!!

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