My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

My first 10 days…

Hi, my name is Noa, and I’m here today to give you a short recap of recent events and stuff. I’m writing also on behalf of my younger twin sister Maya. She’s 1 minute younger, so she still has a lot to learn!

Location, location, location(s)

Up until about 10 days ago, we were warm and cozy inside this woman’s belly. OK, so maybe a bit crowded, but it was still nice. After all we stayed there for 36 weeks and 4 days before we’ve decided to come out.

Then, on November 13th 2010 we decided we’ve had enough and wanted to get out. It was very bad timing since the nice lady (everyone keeps referring to her as the Surrogate) was on her way to the nice Hiranandani Hospital but then had to stop on the way in this Redkar “hospital” to give birth… Should have waited another hour I guess. Our bad!

I tell you – you should have seen the look on our dads’ faces when they saw us there, on the table, with the window open right above our heads with all the traffic and fumes outside. Luckily enough, a few minutes after, Dr. Aziz from Hiranandani Hospital came with an ambulance and took us there. 

When we reached the hospital, we were taken to the N.I.C.U. which was very nice. The nice nurses took care of us real nice there. The blue light was a bit annoying. Daddy said it is called Phototherapy.

Two days later, we were moved from the N.I.C.U. in the 2nd floor, to a nice room on the 10th floor of the hospital where we stayed with our dads for 3 nights. There were always nurses outside that came to check on us and see our dads know what they are doing. The nice Dr. Bijal also visited us twice a day (1000 Rupees each visit) to see we’re ok. On the day before last they started feeding us with Similac which was much nicer than that Lactodex-LBW crap they gave us at the beginning. Now we were able to sleep longer and better.

From the hospital we were taken directly to a 5 star hotel (Ramada). The room was also nice and our dads were happy, so we’re also happy. There’s nice food there, and a swimming pool where we go every day for some sun. Unfortunately I have to share a bed with Maya, but that’s OK. It’s only temporary…

But we actually can’t wait to go back to Israel. We want to meet the rest of the family!!!


What can I tell you. Maya and I may be twin sisters, but we’re so different in some manners that it is crazy! Need some examples? No problem…

  • Color – I am darker in skin and hair (and I have more hair). Maya is lighter in color.
  • Temper – I am calm and quiet (can’t promise I’ll stay this way forever but at the moment that suits me). Maya is much more energetic and requires a lot of attention. If she doesn’t get her food right away you’re in trouble… And she can keep on going and going.
  • Appetite – I consider myself as being aware of what I eat. I just eat what I need. Maya on the other hand eats and eats and is never satisfied. I swear – if she goes on like this she’ll have an eating disorder when she grows up :)
  • Twins4
    Maya and Noa


I would also like to thank everyone for the warm greetings we got since our birth. It is very heartwarming for both us and our dads.

I do find it funny how everyone keep commenting on how I look like this dad, or Maya looks like that dad. I myself actually believe I resemble a young Suri Cruise. And Maya? She looks like a grandma with her wrinkled forehead and no teeth :) I’m just kidding! She’s amazing!



We may be young, but we already have some friends – even here in India!

We have Eyal and Izik who arrived a bit after our dads. They have also twins – Eleanor and Orion, but they are still in N.I.C.U. and we can’t wait to finally meet them!

Then we have Orly and Ronen. They are very good friends as well, they keep spoiling us, and they are waiting for the birth of their child any day now we believe.

We also have Swedish friends! Our dads met another couple of dads from Sweden – Daniel and Patric. They also have twins – a boy named Gimle (means “Paradise” in Swedish) and a daughter named Göta (means “girl from the south of Sweden”). They are lucky as they are going back to Sweden on Wednesday.

We have dinner with them (and all the rest) every evening at 7:30pm

We feel like these people are now part of our lives and we are almost like a family already!

Well, I’m going to rest now. I need my beauty sleep and we still have a lot to do here in India before we go back to Israel (eat, sleep, change diapers etc. but also some papers to fill and bureaucracy to take care of).

See you all soon!


Comments on: "My first 10 days…" (5)

  1. Noa,
    I love your writting skills, you probably got it from daddy Ron…
    Love you!
    Daddy Ronen

  2. dear noa and maya
    the minute i heard about the 2 of you i knew that u r about to become geniouses
    now i see i was right
    i enjoyed every letter
    love u
    DODA F

  3. What a joy to read! So how long are we going to have to wait before we see the little cuties back at home? You must tell us what you need and don’t need with regard to gifts so that you don’t get a bunch of stuff you already have. What age clothes? Toys? I’m sure everyone will want to make sure their gifts are useful.
    And how is Nita recovering? I hope she too, is well.
    Lots of love xxx

    • Thanks :)
      We still don’t know when we’ll see the holy land, but we hope not more than 3 weeks.
      I don’t know yet what we’ll need. We have quite a lot of clothes for NB and 0-3m. We have all the basic equipment. I guess we’ll know better once we’re back.
      We saw Neeta at the consulate on Friday. She’s still recovering from the c section but she looks ok. She said she still has pain but generally feels fine.
      See you soon and dash to everyone!

  4. Sweet Noa, it was a pleasure to read your post.
    please keep telling stories from your interesting new life.
    Big kisses and hugs to sis and dads!

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