My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

So… What’s new?

Hya! Surprised to see us?

Yes, I’ve been lazy, busy, tired, whatever, but it’s time for an update…

So… What’s new?

It all started a few days ago (Friday I think) when Noa started teething for the first time. We’ve realized just how wrong we are – not documenting all theses things. So here’s a short list of what we’ve accomplished till now…

  • At about 6 and a half months Maya started rolling over. For a few weeks she’s been rolling all over the apartment – getting wherever she wants. It took Noa another month or so to start rolling, and she’s still not doing it too often.
  • Around that time Noa started sitting down very stable. She likes playing and can entertain herself for a while. Maya on the other hand can’t do one thing for longer than a few minutes (or less…) and she’s very active. It is sometimes very exhausting :) However sitting down is still not very stable for Maya and she keeps losing her gravity and falling (ouch!).
  • At 7 and a half months Maya started crawling. At first backwards, but within a day or two she was already crawling perfectly. I already lost sight of her a few times in the apartment and then found her in locations like the computer room, Sushi’s (the cat’s) food plate and Sushi’s litter box (ewwww). Now we try to make Noa stay on her belly for as long as possible so she can catch up. She now crawls backwards, and soon she’ll be crawling all over I believe.
  • They both like mumbling stuff. Maya sometimes mumbles “Tata tata tata” which we believe to maybe mean “Savta” (=grandma). Noa says “Aba Aba Aba” a lot (=dad dad dad). They are so cute!
  • Of course they both started eating solids, we still try to get them to eat more, but they are getting there.
I’ll leave you with a current photo, and will upload some photos of the past few months soon…

StrikeAPoseKnock knock, you there? :)
Maya (left) and Noa in the park
(picture by Ziva Vaknin)


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