My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

What do you do when you’re 8 months?

Well, first of all you’re finally sitting nicely, you’re (more or less) steady, and it is time to start sitting in the high chair! Eating in the high chair is so cool! It makes eating a whole new experience… for everyone :) Eating is interesting, but so is spitting, trying to get whatever is on your sister’s tray, and coughing everything all over your father/grandma/the room…

Maya now likes to eat chicken meat balls.

Noa on the other hand likes soup.

And of course both like biscuits, fruit and… Bamba!





Now that we’re comfortable on the high chair, it is also a good way to enjoy a meal at a restaurant! It is much better than spending all that time in the stroller… So many attractions! The fun never ends!

We went to Moses and had a great lunch with good friends, and managed to enjoy it and make sure Noa and Maya enjoy as well!

Maya @Moses


Noa @Moses

But the best thing is going to the pool! Every Friday morning at 9:00am we go to the pool and have fun. Sometimes we also go to the pool on Saturdays. Maya and Noa just love the water (although diving is a different thing). Here’s a glimpse:



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