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My First Childhood Disease

It all started the night between Thursday and Friday (Aug. 12 2011) – Noa had a very high fever (40.2°c). She was very cranky, crying a lot and she didn’t feel so great…

We were sure it was just another tooth and treated her with paracetamol.

Friday morning we went to the pediatrician. He wasn’t very nice (our usual clinic was closed), and he said it is either a tooth, or a stomach trouble from something she ate.

We kept on giving her paracetamol for the fever and she rested a lot. Later on Friday she was in a better mood, and also Saturday morning, but then she started getting cranky again, crying from everything (from sudden noises, to Maya touching her).

She woke a lot during the night, crying her heart out. We were very worried.

This morning (Sunday) she woke up with a weird rush on her face. We decided to go to the doctor (this time our regular nice pediatrician). Within a few seconds of seeing Noa she was already able to tell it is Roseola (אדמדמת) and that there’s not much we can do. She needs to rest and stay away from the sun. Today the rush should get even worse, but tomorrow she will start to feel better.

Doctor Rita also said that such high fever is never teeth (above 37.5-38ºc is never teeth), and that roseola is the only rush that spreads behind the ears…

Maya will probably catch this pretty soon, so we’ll have a merry house :) Lucky for Ronen he’s going to Denmark tonight…

However, the weekend was not all that bad – we went to Tel Aviv to hang out in Rothschild blvd. and see the tent city and feel part of the protest. We had a nice lunch at a rice restaurant, and the girls were captivated by the waiter. I’ll leave you with a picture of the two of them trying to pick him up ;) [and you can also see Noa’s first tooth here… which reminds me today we saw the beginning of the second tooth right next to the first one…]

Maya+Noa - smile


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