My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

The New Jews

Yesterday we converted Noa and Maya to Judaism.

The conversion is a reformist conversion, and will not be recognized by the orthodox chief rabbinate.

We’ve contacted Beit Daniel in Tel Aviv a little while ago in regards of the conversion and signed the girls for the process. At the beginning we were scheduled for October 26th, but when Ronen went there to apply all the papers Rabbi Galia (yes, they have women Rabbi unlike orthodox) made sure we’re accepted earlier so that it is not too cold to go to the sea.

Yesteday was the day. In the morning we had a meeting with Rabbi Mazor, where he (accompanied by Rabbi Galia and another Rabbi) asked us what being Jewish and leading a Jewish lifestyle meant for us. Within 10 minutes we were outside after being approved. We were told to come back at 4:10pm with the girls for the immersion.

We came back as were told, and went to Tel Baruch beach for the ceremony. We were instructed how we need to immerse the girls (they need to be completely under the water – head and all) three times, saying a blessing between each immersion.

We went into the water and did what was required. Maya was not too happy about it, but it seemed that Noa did not mind it too much… Keep in mind this is their first time at the beach :)

So, now we have a certificate that we need to take to court and get an order to make the ministry of the interior recognize… After this is done we will have 2 new Jews…

Here are some pics… Enjoy!

Noa05102011Noa in the water

IMG_7981Noa and daddy Ronen after

Maya05102011Maya observing the sea

Maya051011bMaya warm and cozy after

Partial family portrait
Right to left: My father – Moshe, Daddy Ronen, baby Noa, baby Maya,
my sister – Tal, my mom  – Eilat (behind), Ronen’s mom – Rachel, me


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