My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

We decided to celebrate on Friday (2 days before the actual birthday) so that the entire family is available to join the party.

Ronen and I took a day off on Wednesday to run some errands and buy all the presents.

Friday morning Ronen went to buy some bread and cheese for the guests, and I stayed at home with Maya and Noa. We had a little drama when Ronen called and said his mother is sick so we need to postpone the party, but soon enough it was back on (after the doctor told her it is not contagious).

So we had Ronen’s parents and my parents and grandmother (with her nurse), and his sisters and brother in law and my sister with her fiance and my brother with his girlfriend. When everyone was there we started with the presents: a cool tent, a great picture for the room, cute pajamas, comfortable kid’s sofa (Disney Princess), a table and chairs, smart trikes, strollers for dolls… At first they were a bit confused, but got used to the crowd, the clapping and the noise.

And then we ate :)

So here are a few photos… Thanks for all the wishes. It was a very fun and exciting first birthday…

mayasofaMaya on the sofa

noasofaNoa on the sofa

cakeNoa cakeMaya

Birthday Cakes


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