My way to Fatherhood… and other stuff

One year ago…

One year ago (yesterday to be exact…) we landed in Mumbai, India and embarked on our amazing journey.

Three weeks later Noa and Maya joined us and we’ve been a family since then. We’ve had great times, and also less great times, and we keep on working to figure it all out…

So in less than 3 weeks we’ll be celebrating our first double birthday!!!

Just thought I’d mention this milestone…

In the meantime, happy Diwali (starts tomorrow)…

More on our big fat Greek vacation coming soon, and of course a birthday special (or something Ü)


The New Jews

Yesterday we converted Noa and Maya to Judaism.

The conversion is a reformist conversion, and will not be recognized by the orthodox chief rabbinate.

We’ve contacted Beit Daniel in Tel Aviv a little while ago in regards of the conversion and signed the girls for the process. At the beginning we were scheduled for October 26th, but when Ronen went there to apply all the papers Rabbi Galia (yes, they have women Rabbi unlike orthodox) made sure we’re accepted earlier so that it is not too cold to go to the sea.

Yesteday was the day. In the morning we had a meeting with Rabbi Mazor, where he (accompanied by Rabbi Galia and another Rabbi) asked us what being Jewish and leading a Jewish lifestyle meant for us. Within 10 minutes we were outside after being approved. We were told to come back at 4:10pm with the girls for the immersion.

We came back as were told, and went to Tel Baruch beach for the ceremony. We were instructed how we need to immerse the girls (they need to be completely under the water – head and all) three times, saying a blessing between each immersion.

We went into the water and did what was required. Maya was not too happy about it, but it seemed that Noa did not mind it too much… Keep in mind this is their first time at the beach :)

So, now we have a certificate that we need to take to court and get an order to make the ministry of the interior recognize… After this is done we will have 2 new Jews…

Here are some pics… Enjoy!

Noa05102011Noa in the water

IMG_7981Noa and daddy Ronen after

Maya05102011Maya observing the sea

Maya051011bMaya warm and cozy after

Partial family portrait
Right to left: My father – Moshe, Daddy Ronen, baby Noa, baby Maya,
my sister – Tal, my mom  – Eilat (behind), Ronen’s mom – Rachel, me

Shana Tova!

Maya and Noa would like to wish you all a happy new Hebrew year and Shana Tova!

Thanks to Or G for the video!

Sleep… The final frontier… :)

Why does the expression “Sleep like a baby” exist? Babies do not sleep that well! And their fathers do not sleep well either.

I would like to blame it on Noa’s Roseola, but I believe it all started even before that…

Noa and Maya started sleeping fairly well at about 4 months old (after we transferred them from our bedroom to their own nursery), with an occasional waking up due to falling pacifier. However, in the past few weeks we’ve been experiencing crazy waking up sessions. It seems to be that it is mostly Noa who is waking up, crying hysterically, unable to relax. It started out a few times a night, and now seems to happen almost every hour or so. Sometimes Maya doesn’t seem to notice, but sometimes she does. Usually she notices around 4am so that the end of the night is the most difficult with both of them waking up and not always going back to sleep.

And you can imagine what it is like for the fathers to go on with not a lot of “good sleep”.

We actually managed to contain Noa’s sessions to shorter ones, by trying to catch it as early as possible, patting her back and shushing her. But it’s not always enough.

As a result, I find myself tired a lot of the time, going to sleep very early (sometimes even as early as 8:30pm) – trying to catch as much sleep as possible before the celebrations begin… But sometimes I make the mistake of watching Master Chef till 10:50pm and then find out that the night is more or less over…

Ronen on the other hand goes to sleep later than I do usually. He usually works after they go to sleep (although I can sometimes hear him listening to old songs on YouTube :) ). The lack of sleep seems to affect him less than it affects me, but he’s not immune to it either.

As a last resort we’ve decided to go to a sleep consultant. We hope she can give us some tips on how to make them sleep better and longer. I’m tired (pun intended) of waking up at 4:30am… I’ll keep you posted on how that went.

Lucky for them they are so cute and fun during “legal” waking hours :)

Besides, Noa already has 2 teeth, and Maya finally got her first one, and both started eating solids and enjoy it very much! But that’s for another post :)


Found a cool app for the iPhone that does Comic strip-like photos, so I’ll just post these latest creations :)

Have fun!


Swing fun at the park

Saturday mornings are fun at the park…

Enjoy this short compilation taken a few weeks ago :)

My First Childhood Disease

It all started the night between Thursday and Friday (Aug. 12 2011) – Noa had a very high fever (40.2°c). She was very cranky, crying a lot and she didn’t feel so great…

We were sure it was just another tooth and treated her with paracetamol.

Friday morning we went to the pediatrician. He wasn’t very nice (our usual clinic was closed), and he said it is either a tooth, or a stomach trouble from something she ate.

We kept on giving her paracetamol for the fever and she rested a lot. Later on Friday she was in a better mood, and also Saturday morning, but then she started getting cranky again, crying from everything (from sudden noises, to Maya touching her).

She woke a lot during the night, crying her heart out. We were very worried.

This morning (Sunday) she woke up with a weird rush on her face. We decided to go to the doctor (this time our regular nice pediatrician). Within a few seconds of seeing Noa she was already able to tell it is Roseola (אדמדמת) and that there’s not much we can do. She needs to rest and stay away from the sun. Today the rush should get even worse, but tomorrow she will start to feel better.

Doctor Rita also said that such high fever is never teeth (above 37.5-38ºc is never teeth), and that roseola is the only rush that spreads behind the ears…

Maya will probably catch this pretty soon, so we’ll have a merry house :) Lucky for Ronen he’s going to Denmark tonight…

However, the weekend was not all that bad – we went to Tel Aviv to hang out in Rothschild blvd. and see the tent city and feel part of the protest. We had a nice lunch at a rice restaurant, and the girls were captivated by the waiter. I’ll leave you with a picture of the two of them trying to pick him up ;) [and you can also see Noa’s first tooth here… which reminds me today we saw the beginning of the second tooth right next to the first one…]

Maya+Noa - smile

What do you do when you’re 8 months?

Well, first of all you’re finally sitting nicely, you’re (more or less) steady, and it is time to start sitting in the high chair! Eating in the high chair is so cool! It makes eating a whole new experience… for everyone :) Eating is interesting, but so is spitting, trying to get whatever is on your sister’s tray, and coughing everything all over your father/grandma/the room…

Maya now likes to eat chicken meat balls.

Noa on the other hand likes soup.

And of course both like biscuits, fruit and… Bamba!





Now that we’re comfortable on the high chair, it is also a good way to enjoy a meal at a restaurant! It is much better than spending all that time in the stroller… So many attractions! The fun never ends!

We went to Moses and had a great lunch with good friends, and managed to enjoy it and make sure Noa and Maya enjoy as well!

Maya @Moses


Noa @Moses

But the best thing is going to the pool! Every Friday morning at 9:00am we go to the pool and have fun. Sometimes we also go to the pool on Saturdays. Maya and Noa just love the water (although diving is a different thing). Here’s a glimpse:


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