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Days 14-18

Nov. 6-10

We’re not alone here anymore. 2 new couples arrived this week.

First, Izik and Eyal arrived. Their twins were born a bit early and they are now in N.I.C.U. Finally we had more people to play ping-pong with, to share a table at dinner and breakfast… It’s nice.

Yesterday, Orly and Ronen arrived. We’ve met them before at Alon’s appartment when Alon and Doron briefed us about India.

So now we have a table for 6.

We’re still working, and still waiting. Unfortunately, my computer died last weekend. We tried to fix it but it seems that the motherboard is dead and and the IBM lab is on the other side of Mumbai…

Yesterday we finished week 36. This is very exciting, and this means the delivery can be any day now. We’re counting on tomorrow since it will be a cool date (11.11). Friday will also be nice (12.11.1o) but whenever they arrive will be good! :)

In the meantime we’re watching TV and I’m already addicted to MasterChef Australia :) there are also a lot of reruns of Friends, and Modern Family which we always like to watch. They have so many reruns here… Only today they shower Catwoman TWICE! and every day there are 3 reruns of every show… You can’t miss it :)

Anyhow, sorry for not writing as often as usual but the fact that nothing much is going on combined with the fact that my comp died makes it difficult. You’ll forgive me I hope…

Kisses and good night. And please don’t call us after 20:30 IL time! (last night we got a call at 1:22am and were sure it’s time to go to the hospital…)


They are showing Aladdin on Saturday, so I just felt like it :)

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