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New Blog

Hey, I know it’s been quiet here lately…

Just wanted to say I opened an additional blog at the below address:

Sorry – this is only for Hebrew readers… I’m going to collect funny sayings of Maya and Noa, so we can keep track of how their language has developed…

Have fun!

(and Marry Xmas for those who celebrate!)


Kindergarten – Here we come!

You know, when you have kids, that’s when you really understand how fast time flies! It seems that not so long ago Noa and Maya were just newborns, and now, all of a sudden, tomorrow is their first day of kindergarten! No more staying at home. New routine! And a few free hours on Fridays for daddy and daddy!

Yes. I’m extremely excited. And worried. And scared. And proud. And hopeful. And so many other adjectives :) These two have become so big already! They know exactly what they want, and can express it easily, even though they still do not *really* talk.

On Friday we actually had an introductory session with all other kids and parents. One hour at the kindergarten to get to know the place. When we got in, Maya quite easily took off to play with toys and explore the new space. Noa on the other hand was a bit more reserved and took her time. At first she wanted to remain close to us and insisted one of us goes wherever she goes. But eventually she also found herself interested enough with what was going on that she just went alone.

It was interesting to see how they were not stuck together, and each of them explored on her own. They did interact as well – when Noa saw Maya at the table playing with the blue dough she joined. But most of the time they were in separate parts of the room. Except of course when they found out where the fruit are…

So tomorrow is a big day. I’ll try to get some sleep now, and hope to update soon with how it all goes!


Swing fun at the park

Saturday mornings are fun at the park…

Enjoy this short compilation taken a few weeks ago :)

My First Childhood Disease

It all started the night between Thursday and Friday (Aug. 12 2011) – Noa had a very high fever (40.2°c). She was very cranky, crying a lot and she didn’t feel so great…

We were sure it was just another tooth and treated her with paracetamol.

Friday morning we went to the pediatrician. He wasn’t very nice (our usual clinic was closed), and he said it is either a tooth, or a stomach trouble from something she ate.

We kept on giving her paracetamol for the fever and she rested a lot. Later on Friday she was in a better mood, and also Saturday morning, but then she started getting cranky again, crying from everything (from sudden noises, to Maya touching her).

She woke a lot during the night, crying her heart out. We were very worried.

This morning (Sunday) she woke up with a weird rush on her face. We decided to go to the doctor (this time our regular nice pediatrician). Within a few seconds of seeing Noa she was already able to tell it is Roseola (אדמדמת) and that there’s not much we can do. She needs to rest and stay away from the sun. Today the rush should get even worse, but tomorrow she will start to feel better.

Doctor Rita also said that such high fever is never teeth (above 37.5-38ºc is never teeth), and that roseola is the only rush that spreads behind the ears…

Maya will probably catch this pretty soon, so we’ll have a merry house :) Lucky for Ronen he’s going to Denmark tonight…

However, the weekend was not all that bad – we went to Tel Aviv to hang out in Rothschild blvd. and see the tent city and feel part of the protest. We had a nice lunch at a rice restaurant, and the girls were captivated by the waiter. I’ll leave you with a picture of the two of them trying to pick him up ;) [and you can also see Noa’s first tooth here… which reminds me today we saw the beginning of the second tooth right next to the first one…]

Maya+Noa - smile

2 Months


Today we’re celebrating TWO MONTHS! Can you believe it?

I know I haven’t written in ages, but there was a lot happening, so I’ll give a quick recap of the past month or so…

At first we had to finish all the arrangements in India. There was some running to the Israeli consulate to get the twins their new passports (so inefficient…) and FRRO to sign the passports so they can leave India. towards the end we were pretty nervous because we already booked the Dec. 5th flight and wanted to make it. And we did!

The flight itself was better than I thought babies-wise. They did not seem to suffer from the pressure or anything, and were sleeping most of the flight. The crew on the plane were amazing and so helpful. They made sure we get the bassinettes and made sure no one sits in the adjacent seats. Of course when we got to Israel we had a problem with the twins’ passports not showing up on the border control’s computer, and they kept us there for at least 30 minutes at 4am in the morning with crying babies. And 2 nice stewardesses insisted on staying with us till we’re done.

Meeting our families was very exciting. They were very happy to finally see Noa and Maya, and we were relieved to see them after so long. This meant that we’re home now!

Ronen is taking the first part of the paternity leave, but I stayed home for the first week so we can do some errands and arrangements. Of course we also took some time to enjoy ourselves, went to eat some good food, and meet some friends.

Since then it’s been over a month. We got used to being back home. We do shifts with the twins at night so most of the time it is OK, and during the day Ronen is with them for now. It is not easy for me to leave him with them like this since I know what a hard job it is. But he tries to find someone to be with him whenever possible (friends, family…).

The girls are growing fast (as you can see in the pictures below). They are bigger and heavier, but besides it also seems they start to respond to us. They listen to our voices, sometime even smile. They seem to like taking baths (but dressing up afterwards is sometimes difficult). They like to hear songs, and sometimes also reading a book.

Last week we had an event to celebrate their birth (BRITAH). It was a great event for us, although I was nervous and also had to speak in front of everyone, which I never like. But it was nice, and I was happy to see everyone. And now it’s back to the “new normal”. I promise to update more now… See you soon!!!

Noa12012011Noa 12.1.2011


Maya12012011Maya 12.1.2011


So Doron has a site where you can get general info on the Surrogacy process, general rates, options etc. (you can check the site in the links on the side – Tammuz). One of the links there is “Pregnancies & Births”. As an expecting father I have this habit of checking this page every now and then ad see where we are in the list of expecting parents… So it was a while ago when I last checked and I suddenly remembered it this week and checked the site. Guess what? We’re in the head of the list! (#1977):

Of course this will not be December as we’re having twins, but the original date was Dec 7th.

Our flight is in less than 36 hours! You can imagine how crazy everything is now… We’ve been collecting clothes and equipment from friends, buying stuff, getting ready. The last days were packed with endless laundries, painting the nursery, chasing after missing stuff from the endless lists (clothes, ointments, bottles, pacifiers, sterilizer, diapers, baby food and so on…).

Our amazing travel agent Gil also arranged that we’ll have extra 8 kilos per person on our way to India, so we don’t have to worry when we pack, and we are able to take more stuff (maybe even stuff for ourselves!) :)

One more day of organizations, and then we’re off to Mumbai. Once there we’ll only have to wait for the birth, nothing else we can do there… Unless of course you count working, meeting our surrogate mother Neeta, organizing the hotel room to suit 2 babies etc. And of course once there I’ll have more time to update (or am I kidding myself?!) :)

The Pacifier

Yeah! We’re pregnant! …What now? We’re not ready for anything! But that was 6 months ago…

Now here we are today… still not ready!!

Well that’s not totally true. We started arranging the apartment a little bit – we cleared the nursery, we bought new shelves for the storage room, we started collecting stuff for the babies, and as I’m writing these words, our new and cool stroller (BumbleRide Indie Twin) is doing its way from NY to Tel Aviv!!

But there’s still so much we need to do! And in 2 week’s we’re taking off and leaving for India. We have to prepare everything by then.

So… Tomorrow we’re going to do some shopping for baby stuff. Bottles, pacifiers, towels, sheets etc. It’s exciting! but also a bit scary. What do I know what they would like? And how do I use these things?! Bottle sanitizer? Baby sense? Diapers?? Is there no course? can someone show me how to do all these things and more?

So yeah… I’m a bit nervous. Hysterical even… But how can I relax when there’s soooo much to do and so little time? I guess I’ll just have to learn as I go. Won’t I?

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